About Us

Based in Malton, North Yorkshire, TBIAS Fabrications are specialists in sheet metal fabrication work and sheet metal cutting. The current “standard” of commercial metal profiling is laser cutting it is a versatile and easy to use process that compliments traditional metalworking. Our experience in its use and application allow us to employ its advantages and understand its limits in seeking solutions to the fabrication process. Whilst we specialise in stainless steel work we do undertake work in other materials including aluminium, pre galv, mild steel and specialist materials such as Rimex. Additional to this we have a precision CNC machine shop that specialise in billet machining to a very high tolerance to suit your needs.

The birth of TBIAS

TBIAS came into being at the request of many customers needing a reliable source of manufactured components. Starting in December 2009 we realised the need for a suitable space and efficient workshop was paramount to our business plan. We secured an appropriate unit and began the task of kitting out our ideal set up. We included a new Amada press-brake and a full complement of fabrication equipment for our sheet metal work. With the recession in full effect and huge demand on the funds available we sought to optimise what we purchased and our efforts have been rewarded with an effective workshop and a very low overhead.

Why choose us?

Our collective experiences of metal working and associated processes have allowed us to develop a comprehensive network of suppliers who support our day to day operations. Literally from the nut and bolt suppliers, profiling and turning through to the bank, accountant and book keeping and our business coach we have found ourselves with a most effective team. Our core ability to bring all the customer requirements together and project manage the entire process is key to continued growth and customer satisfaction.